I’d rather live in real life. Bye Tumblr.

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"Can’t wait til you cook for me all the time!"

"Can’t wait for you to be Cinderella Jr"

"Pfft that means I will run off with a Prince"


My little Pidge is funny.

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A suitcase full of shoes

Discussing the fact that I am moving out of this house soon with my father…

"Always maintain the ability to pack a suitcase and leave in a hurry… except for the trailer truck full of shoes"

"Nah, the suitcase is full of shoes"

"Seventeen pairs of shoes and a pair of clean underwear and you’re ready to go"

I have the funniest conversations with my father.  He called me to say he was in Portland, but I have to work.  

"I called to see what you were doing because even though I figured you had to work soon I knew when you found out I was in Portland and didn’t call you, you would whine and say "Dad was in Portland and didn’t call me"

True story.  He knows me so well. I miss my Daddy.

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We all don’t have espresso machines where our hearts should be.

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Playing checkers with a five and six year old…

"Will you go easy on us?"

"I could try, but I’m pretty competitive"


"King me"

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I love the Boston Celtics. Always.

I am very sad that the Celtics lost to the Heat.   Also, I am very sad that Rondo was injured.

I am very happy that the Lakers also lost.  I dislike the Lakers intensely.  I mostly just dislike Kobe Bryant intensely.  What a douche. 

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"Why are you so good at life?"

@hostilities, my lovely house mate 

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I met my soul mate in Portland Pie Co.

…he was deliciously attractive and eating pepperoni pizza, my fave.  We have the same phone (though his was not fun shades of pink).  It was mean to be. 

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